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LS Swaps

Add Big Power to your build with an LS SWAP

Are you dreaming of transforming your ride into a power-packed machine? An LS engine swap could be the ticket. LS engines, specifically the 5.3L V8 and the 6.2L V8, have become a popular choice for engine swaps due to their impressive performance, affordability, and wide availability. The 5.3L V8, commonly found in GM trucks and SUVs, provides a significant power boost over many stock engines, while maintaining respectable fuel efficiency. On the other hand, the 6.2L V8, often found in high-performance vehicles like the Corvette, offers even more horsepower and torque, making it ideal for those seeking maximum performance.


LS engines are incredibly versatile and can be swapped into a wide variety of vehicles, from classic muscle cars to off-road beasts. But the magic of LS swaps doesn’t stop at just swapping the engine. These engines can be further modified and built up to produce even more power. Whether you’re looking to build a track-ready race car that can dominate on the straightaways, or an off-road monster capable of conquering the toughest terrains, an LS engine can be the heart of your dream build. With countless aftermarket parts and tuning options available, the possibilities are nearly endless for customizing and enhancing the performance of an LS engine.

Years of Experience

With our team’s extensive experience in engine swaps and custom powertrain builds, we have honed our skills in creating high-performance vehicles tailored to specific needs. Our expertise extends to building drag cars that deliver blistering acceleration and dominate the quarter-mile, as well as crafting track monsters that excel in precision handling and cornering. Moreover, we specialize in developing baja racers, engineering off-road machines capable of conquering rugged terrains and enduring demanding racing conditions. Our comprehensive knowledge of engines, transmissions, suspension systems, and more has earned us a reputation for creating exceptional vehicles that push boundaries and deliver exhilarating performance on any surface.