High Performance Solutions

Custom Engine Swaps

Custom Builds From The Ground Up

Looking to give your vehicle a performance boost? Consider a custom engine swap, the ultimate modification to transform your ride from ordinary to extraordinary. Our team specializes in custom engine swaps, offering a wide range of options to meet your specific power and performance needs. From potent V8s to efficient turbo-diesels, we can swap your current engine with the one that fits your driving style and requirements. But it’s not just about swapping engines; we’re also experts in custom powertrain builds, ensuring that your entire drivetrain is optimized for your new engine.


When embarking on a custom engine swap, it’s crucial to consider the transmission as well. Whether you prefer the control of a manual transmission or the convenience of an automatic, we can provide a custom solution that perfectly complements your engine choice. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your new engine and transmission work together seamlessly, delivering the performance and reliability you need. From a ground-up custom build to specific performance enhancements, we’re your go-to source for custom engine swaps and powertrain builds. So why wait? Start your custom engine swap journey with us today and unlock the true potential of your vehicle.

Years of Experience

Our shop offers the highest quality fabrication services in Texas. From the moment you walk through our door until you leave satisfied with the results, our team strives to supply only the best service to both you and your vehicle. Whether you need a straight forward engine swap or a proprietary high performance build, we’ve got you covered. 

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